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Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud represents a set of technologies that permit to store, archive and elaborate a large amount of data through the use of resources hardware and software virtually placed in the network with client-server architectures.

N2 Labs proposes solutions for implementation of Cloud Infrastructure, which is Cloud architecture for small-medium enterprises and public administration.

In few years, we have moved from enthusiasm for activating infrastructures based on cloud computing with the aim of reducing prices to the need of acquiring cloud systems in order to take on new challenges that the modern market presents.

This is why more and more companies are migrating their applications to cloud computing.

Several statistical studies demonstrates that since next decade, thanks to Cloud computing, will be exponentially developed new ways to collaborate in any place and from many mobile device.

This new way for the utilization of technologies substantially reduce prices relating to installation, set up, test, implementation and update of applications used by companies because there is almost definitively no more necessity  of managing hardware and software directly or indirectly.

Cloud means user can utilize an app, opening the browser and entering own login informations, can start to use it in any moment, in any place and from any device provided with internet connection.

In brief, the main advantages:

  • Access to information in few clicks from any enabled device
  • Standardization of documents to share
  • Reduction of data storage costs
  • Possibility of controlling and verifying work force accesses
  • High security measures
  • Reduction of maintenance and update fixed costs

Cloud Infrastructure

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